No Guff Vegetable Gardening


  • Two garden coaches collaborate to give you simple, No Guff gardening advice.

TOGETHER... they make gardening simple and fun.


“Forget the silly rotating composters, they’re for girls!”


“If you lived in cold Calgary instead of temperate Toronto, you wouldn’t bother growing eggplant either!”

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TOGETHER... Donna and Steve Tell Readers:

    No-Guff Vegetable Gardening is a book that helps you think about how to garden successfully.

  • Don't be a soil hypochondriac: lab tests for home garden soils are an utter waste of money in most cases.

TOGETHER... they’re refreshingly down-to-earth.

  • They serve up blunt opinions and photos they take themselves.

TOGETHER... they help you spot Guff.

TOGETHER... they help make gardening delicious.